Squirrel (daemonnoire) wrote in tasteless_true,

Tasteless But True

Scientists Grow Artificial Penis in Lab:  "I'm going to pet him, and love him, and call him George."  At last, my every lesbian fantasy come true.

18,000 pounds of fireworks seized in N.Y.[The] truck... was tailgating a fuel tanker  Tailgating.  A Fuel Tanker.  That's a Darwin Award waiting to happen.

Judge rules sex offender is too short for prison:  He's a guy who raped a little kid.  In most prisons, it wouldn't matter how tall he was, he'd still have to kept in solitary to keep the other inmates from killing him.

Woman 'chomped' at officer's groin: courtHe said he had trouble gripping Ms Klaus because she was naked and wet and the pair ended up on the ground.  Someone, somewhere, is at this exact moment writing a different ending to this story and submitting it to a porno mag.


Star Trek blade seized:  This is a bonus link because I'm pretty sure it's a joke.  It's The Sun, so it has to be.  Otherwise....  No Steak For You!
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