Squirrel (daemonnoire) wrote in tasteless_true,

Tasteless But True

Police hunt farting dissident:  When they said that the next terrorist big weapon was going to be poisonous gas, I don't think this is what they meant.

Crash victim saved by breast implants:  "I'll take 'Signs that your breast implants are too big' for $200, Alex."

Women's skin ages faster than men's-study:  And all that crap women put on their faces to meet the societal ideal of beauty has NOTHING to do with it.

Breast milk 'does not boost IQ':  This is one of those conclusions that I think more studies should come to.  "People who have a glass of wine each day/drink tea/do yoga/sacrifice to the chicken god are healthier because they're smarter and take better care of themselves."
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